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Cosmopolitan: Ariana is our only hope for pop this year

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We need a savior. Someone to deliver us salvation from an overstock of forgettable singles delivered by artists who don’t seem to be striving for more than a bit of radio play; from a landscape completely devoid of big declarations and real divas. We need an artist whose work will “bring light to a situation or someone’s life,” and who’ll use the talents of Max Martin and Pharrell Williams to help them take bigger lyrical risks and to get kind of weird—while also singing about the importance of self-love and care in the wake of trauma and transition. We need a short interlude inspired by Pete Davidson. (Called “Pete Davidson.”)

We need Ariana Grande. In fact: she is our only hope for pop this year.

It’s a big statement, but it’s also true. First of all, the woman can sing. Like, capital S sing. (Which anyone who’s ever tried singing along to “No Tears Left To Cry” knows by now. And apologies to my neighbors.)

 And fine, OK, maybe asking her to save pop this year is an unfair ask. But damn it, Ariana Grande is a force. Especially since her new album Sweetener, which dropped today, is not simply a vehicle for her talents, but her capacity to go down roads less travelled and to, as she’s put it before, “get weird.” (Here’s to her cover of that ‘00s-era Imogen Heap classic, “Goodnight n Go.”) She packs the multi-faceted nature of what it means to be a person into a record that helps articulate the pain, complications, joy, freedom, and strength that it takes to be alive. And she does it her way. Like a true diva.

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We all keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams come true.
The whole mainstream music industry as a whole needs to be revamped.
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Sweetener made Ariana the greatest mainstream pop artist since Lady Gaga and nobody else is even in sight.

Sweetener is not just an album. It is a masterpiece of pop art. Its appreciation will only strengthen with time.
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shes whack as hell
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