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Fan Base | Rules & Guidelines

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Here is a guideline that will help you familiarize with the "Fan Base" section of our site:

- One active fan base per artist/celebrity.
- The title of the thread should contain the full name of the artist/celebrity without extra information.
- The thread opener is obliged to keep the fan base active and up to date. If you lost interest it is possible that someone else might take over the thread OP from you.
- Fan Bases are created for fans to discuss about their favorite artists/celebrities. If you are not interested in them or you do not have anything positive or constructive to say about them, you are kindly requested to NOT post in those threads. In case that someone trolls or hates a specific artist/celebrity but keeps posting in their fan base, the issue of a thread ban is also possible.
- Comparisons with other artists/celebrities or occassional off-topic content is acceptable as long as it is not out of control. Do not attack other fan bases or fans, you can always use the “Off Your Chest” thread for that purpose.
- It is common for people who belong in the same fan base to be friends. Please do not use the fan base of your favorite artist for personal talk. There are other threads for this purpose or you can always use PMs and wall posts.

- Here you can post anything music related that does not fall under the “Music” section of our site. If you have something appreciative to say about an older song/album/mixtape etc., you can open a throwback/appreciation thread under “Music Discussion”. Always use appropriate titles (artist/song title) that are not clickbaits to lure more users in.
- Music & artists related questions, music polls, comparisons between artists/albums/songs, rates, reviews, metacritic scores etc., all fall under this category.

- Here you can post throwbacks to photos, videos or any other pop culture moment that happened in past.

- Recently released music, new music videos or new live performances, and news regarding the imminent release of an artist’s new project shall be posted under the “Music” section of the site. Use this section of the site only for throwback or stanning purposes.
- Celebrity news, pictures, magazine covers or random celeb videos fall under the “Celebrity” section of the site.
- In case that you want to post videos/scripts/lyrics of yourself or real life people who sing or compose music you can the "ClubFN" section of our site.

Similar threads will be created under each section of the site with the intention to help you navigate around the forum and to discuss anything related to its structure. If you have any feedback or questions regarding the guidelines you are welcome to share and we will take them into consideration. You can reach the staff of popfn in Site Help.

For further information related to popfn's posting and warning policy you can visit the popfn | Posting Guidelines & Warning System thread.

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