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Katy Perry to judge on American Idol!

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Past few days there were many speculations about the female popstar Katy Perry being a possible judge at american idol. The woke popstar, a.k.a. female Michael Jackson hasn't talked about it on social media, but when being interviewed by Ellen Degeneres, she kind of confirmed the rumor.

And sometimes we make it and sometimes we fake it,
but we get one step closer each and everyday, we'll figure it out on the way...
Only the female Randy Jackson
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She might be good at it.
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Shadows play on idle hands I lose myself I do
But I've found my way to velvet sands
I'll crash right into you
(05-17-2017, 12:53 AM)Andrew Wrote: She might be good at it.

think about Katy...she's legit perfect for this. like this gen's Paula but with a slightly better singing credit. it works for a revamped idol. now they need a fake simon and bring in some hot guy for Katy to flirt with on the panel like Gwen and Blake on the voice and it'll work out.
wow her journey to irrelevancy has really escalated quickly notamused

judging on a reality show is truly the final nail in the coffin
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