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2. Justice League

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DC has always had issues in terms of adapting it's comic book characters to film, outside of both Batman and Superman. Why was the statement aforementioned typed? Well because it exposes the greatest issue of adapting the most iconic superhero team to ever be created, they are overpowered and are not relatable as characters. The equivalent of gods amongst humans, that is not done right to perfect precision can lead to misfires of epic proportions (superman 3 & 4, george clooney batman films etc.....).

The biggest issue with DC films tend to be how rushed and poorly edited they are because of the obsession with the end product, rather than taking the proper steps to ensure the end product is truly great. This rears it's ugly head again when the cart is once again put before the horse, in this underwhelming superhero team up.

The world once again is on the brink of collapse...... which yawn leads to six heroes needing to team up together to save the day. However, why exactly should anyone care? The grand majority of the team has not been fleshed out well enough, to give a concrete understanding as to who they are. That attempting to stuff three to four backstories in a 2 hour saga, just becomes too much too handle leaving glaring plot holes. The dialogue is beyond subpar, and the cgi especially in the unnecessarily drawn out fight scenes becomes so wonky and distracting you cannot get lost in the film.

On the bright side, the film had all the conventions of a buildup to an even greater universe that if handled properly can launch this cinematic universe to heights unseen and unknown. There was fun moments, and the 2 hour spectacle truly didn't feel as if it where 2 hours.

All in all the film is a somewhat uneven yet enjoyable ride, but leaves a feeling of meh....

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 9,5/10

the perfect movie for 2017, that's all
Deadpool 2 9/10

i actually thought it would be worse than the first movie remembering all the rumours but i iked Deadpool 2 even more. It was hilarious, a bit unexpected and with some fun cameos. Zazie Beetz shines as Domino.

also the best credit scenes in superhero movie tbh
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Solo: A Star Wars Story 8/10

it's actually a Chewie movie, stay woke

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