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Migos' Offset Allegedly Cheated on Cardi B

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It looks like Cardi B isn’t the only one with a little scandal popping off for the holiday. Her fiance, Offset seems to be in a bit of a pickle as well, as rumors have surfaced that he cheated on Bardi.

According to the buzz, the Migos member’s iCloud account was recently allegedly hacked, and there is video of a naked woman in a hotel room from September. The woman appears in the nude, in a bathroom, and the “Bad and Boujee” rapper is said to be the one filming. Offset and Cardi got engaged in late October, but had been seeing each other for months before then.

Twitter has been quick to chime in on the situation. “Why Offset’s cheating scandal come out on Christmas Eve? Couldn’t wait until after the holidays? 🙁,” one person noted.

“Offset cheating on Cardi B is just a distraction from Drake dropping new music and Lil Wayne blessing us with Dedication 6 on Jesus’s Birthday, smh,” another appalled Twitter user commented.

Cardi also found herself in the spotlight for not good reasons over the weekend. She was surrounded in speculation, as video leaked that is purported to be the beginning of a sex tape featuring the Bronx rapper. In the video, she dances naked in what looks to be a hotel room.

Let’s get it together, y’all. We got a super lit wedding to prepare for.


Migos stay being trash
We all keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams come true.
Not surprised
[Image: LnYDcm1.png]
learning to wait till the problems show.

if the problems never show, then you're the one.
Fat slag
[Image: hzyfhLF.gif]
How dare he
she's following iggy's career trajectory even down to the cheating scandal. amazing iggy
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(12-26-2017, 03:33 AM)YoungCarter Wrote: Yeshrug

their relationship is going to implode. it's already on the wrong foot entirely (like most hood relationships). the question is whether cardi gets pregnant before it ends or not.

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These two degenerates should stay together forever, for the sake of every none degenerate on the planet: I hope every degenerate ends up together, they're fucking up the dating pool for the non-degenerates! #Bardi
*Bombs from afghanistan* *"TO FREEDOM!"/soundeffect*
"When the lights come on."/whisperedtone - Nicki Minaj.rip

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