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Wait that Young Thug diss canceled her for me.

The obsession with fascist gender roles. Ahh
(08-15-2018, 12:14 PM)PACMAN Wrote: this is such a bad take considering actual rappers (good ones) like jay z, eminem, lil wayne, kanye west, etc. all said that song was elite and great.
and almost every major urban radio dj said the track is next level.
like, you can't argue the fact people who are respected in rap, fuck with that track and just about nothing else on the album. its performance on the charts too is about to prove its excellence since the song itself is not a hit but it's about to chart decently and is the best performing track so far from the album (which no one expected to happen and it got no push).

It's good at what it's for: to be enjoyable. So far as showing lyrical ability though, for the most part: it''s shit.

I don't care about jay-z, eminem, kanye or djs, their likes are irrelevant to me.

(08-15-2018, 05:17 PM)purple/sky/bubble Wrote: Wait that Young Thug diss canceled her for me.

The obsession with fascist gender roles. Ahh

Odd thing to cancel her for, Nicki is rife with things to cancel her for but an excerp from a joke track is the straw that broke the jay-z's back? I cant
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*Bombs from afghanistan* *"TO FREEDOM!"/soundeffect*
"When the lights come on."/whisperedtone - Nicki Minaj.rip

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