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Quentin Tarantino: "13 Yr Old WANTED to get Raped!"

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thoughts? :-x
Someone hang him
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This made me shiver. I'm so tired of this world man.
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It is not that our ego is too large; the problem is that our ego is too small.
That’s not even the truth we need. Disturbing.
that's what we get when too much power holds on the hands of this people
There's a reason why kids have guardians appointed to them if they're without, kids want all kinds of things, some are okay, some are not okay at their age. It's important that we instill this in adults(and before) as there's an active segment of that demographic that operate under the false belief that because a child may be interested in sexual activity, that's their affirmation to have it with them.

That's incorrect and ludicrous, kids aren't informed enough to make decisions about whether they can engage in sexual activity with adults, please stop imprinting your level of coherence and solidified reasoning onto kids, it's wrong and we will lock you up for it.
"Yuh mudda cyat 3rd world!" - Trini to French Montana.

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