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Racist gets KTFO in 5 seconds

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He called this man unintelligent trash because he's Latino from the hood... Made fun of his vernacular, talked down to him as if he's a child, etc,.

Yet his dumbass got KTFO in 5 seconds.

Jorge Masvidal scored the fastest knockout in UFC history Saturday night, finishing Ben Askren just five seconds into their welterweight bout at UFC 239 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Masvidal (34-13) ran directly at Askren (19-1) to open the bout and landed a flying knee as Askren ducked his head. Askren immediately stiffened up before dropping to the canvas. Masvidal landed a couple more strikes on the ground, but Askren appeared to already be out cold.

"He's so predictable, man. He's a scrub," Masvidal said when asked why he decided to try a flying knee to start. "A part of me wanted to just throw it out there so he knew, if you do shoot [for a takedown], like an idiot, like you only know how to, your head's going to get clipped, and then I would put the brakes on him and beat him up for 14 minutes and 30 seconds and execute him. Or, you know, he took the bait. ... He walked right into it."
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(05-28-2016, 12:52 PM)Maiko Wrote: GoT is awful. I really don't get why they are so obsessed with it. The most overrated show of all time.

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Wow that was like a dream smitten2
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This kind of violence doesn’t turn me on gone
Fuck yall.
man didn't even punch him before he fell lmao
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