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Snapchat Opens Up, Allowing Desktop Sharing and Web Sharing

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Snapchat Stories leap from mobile to desktop for first time

Snapchat will let users share Stories — videos and photos strung together in collages on the messaging platform that disappear after 24 hours — on the web for the first time, The Verge reported. Stories will also be shareable via text message and email through a web link for those who have not downloaded the app.

The move is intended to spark growth for an app that has struggled to attract new users and drive revenue since going public in March last year by enabling consumers who haven't downloaded it to go to a new desktop web viewer on Snapchat.com. Only Official Stories — which are those created by media, entertainment and other verified accounts — as well as Our Stories and Search Stories will be shareable outside the app, The Verge said.

The news comes as Snapchat is in the midst of a considerable app redesign that puts user-generated content in a separate news feed from that of publishers. The shareable Stories feature goes into effect Wednesday for those who already have the redesigned Snapchat, CNBC reported, and will see a broader launch in the coming wee

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learning to wait till the problems show.

if the problems never show, then you're the one.
thats good, now it will eventually probably be possible for people who dont use snapchat to see their stories

Like instagram f.e.

it will bring ppl
And sometimes we make it and sometimes we fake it,
but we get one step closer each and everyday, we'll figure it out on the way...
they should also take away the notification that your snaps are being screenshot or recorded.
i bet you, that will bring back so MANY users to the platform.
people don't wanna be exposed with their messy behavior so, they delete so many sketchy things they would have posted
(this is counterproductive because snaps delete themselves. people don't even trust the core concept of the app since, snap staff undermined it for whatever dumb reason. that leaves no incentive for the users to stick with it when more convenient apps like instagram or facebook exist with similar functionality)

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