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pwoats top 10 albums of the year (so far)

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im going to make a list of my top 10 albums of the year (so far)

[Image: 6b1wgXH.jpg]
10. Number 1 Angel

Although Charli still hasnt managed to top anything from True romance, she continued moving closer to the brilliance of that record off the aesthetic of Vroom vroom. I think that Charlis been working as a pretty good showgirl of the Pc music crew considering everything about her basically matches the stars that Pc music tries to create ironically w/ people like Hannah diamond and Gfoty.

The best cuts are usually the most hip hop oriented because they carve out their own unique place in the album as opposed to the straight pop songs. Exceptions are Ily2 and Babygirl. Basically every feature on this album except ABRA is amazing.

Best songs: Dreamer, Emotional, Ily2, Babygirl, Lipgloss
Worst song: Roll with me

[Image: yejSoNp.jpg]
9. Teenage Emotions

It seems like this album was received pretty poorly by fans and critics alike (except my man the pitchfork) but i liked this album. I think it moves closer back to the aesthetic of Lil boat than Ss2 was but it has a more studio, professional finish on everything. The tracklist is long but honestly it doesnt feel like a long album to me, its very easy on the ears. Sad that it flopped!

Usually the album is at its best when its closest to Lil boat, or when it takes a more laidback approach as opposed to trying to mimic shitty trap anthems. The best trap-heavy song is probably Peek a boo.

Best songs: Peek a boo, Harley, All you had to say, Better, Lady in Yellow, Running with a Ghost, Priorities
Worst song: Otha shit

[Image: HxSTIVm.jpg]

Honestly the only two future albums ive sat thru from start to finish are FUTURE and HNDRXX. I didnt care for the former but this album was a huge surprise. I love the vibe of the whole thing, Future definitely works best over airy and spacious beats that give him room to show off the shit thats most unique about him, his voice. Usually his singing is laughably bad but that kinda makes the album better because it means if i sing along ill never sound as bad as he does.

I wish there were more features because the ones with them usually are some of the best. Additionally any time Future rides a really cloudy beat it goes over fantastically

Best songs: My collection, Comin out strong, Use me, Hallucinating, New illuminati, Selfish, Sorry, Pie
Worst song: Incredible

[Image: OjdipOK.jpg]
7. Drunk

Thundercat is really good at recreating the old school funk sound, straight up stuff that my dad listened to as a young adult. Not only does this album come across like a fucking relic but it also manages to spruce the sound up with a very modern and killer sense of humor. Its funny to hear a song that sounds like its from the 80s go on about anime or masturbating.

Overall the album never overstays its welcome, the only thing you get bored of is Thundercats voice itself, but the rest of the album makes it worth the stay anyway

Best songs: Captain Stupido, Uh Uh, A fans mail, Jethro, Show you the way, Walk on by, Jameels space ride, Friend zone, Drink dat, Inferno, Drunk, The turn down, DUI
Worst song: Jesus christ its so hard to pick, I guess 3AM

[Image: wyfJqqk.jpg]
6. Ctrl

Hearing about the horror stories makes me feel really bad for Sza and the shit she went through before this album finally got released but the quality of the project makes it all worth it. Sza came through with her most commercially viable album and basically the best series of tracks she could possibly put out at this point in her career. I think that it was unexpectedly successful, honestly, because i was expecting this project to flop just because of the lack of serious promotion on the part of a bigger label than Tde.

Sza sounds best when shes over a more modern and unique beat. I dont care much for the cuts that are more traditionalist or purely poppy. Also honestly none of the features on this album are amazing. Kendrick is probably the best but no one on this album even comes close to topping Sza, she ctrls every track here

Best songs: Doves in the wind, Drew barrymore, Go gina, Broken clocks, Anything, Pretty little birds, 20 Something
Worst song: Normal Girl

[Image: ixOIZWf.jpg]
5. Drum Chord Theory

Matt is best known as 1/2 of The Internet, but honestly i think this solo album of his tops anything theyve ever put out. This album is lazy and drugged out rnb/soul to the max, with a very weird sense of creepiness thrown on top of the album that seriously reminds me of the moments on Introverted Intuition where Lance is trying to get girls phone numbers. In fact, this entire album has a very Introverted Intuition vibe, Lance is clearly making waves.

Every song on the album flows so well into the next that its hard to even say whats the best because its all like one big atmospheric ride than it is individual songs. Thats not my way of saying i didnt care about the songs or that i didnt pay attention, because theres definitely still some serious standouts that could be listened to alone

Best songs: If you were my gf, what love is, Baby Girl, Southern Isolation, Found me some acid tonight, Alotta Women, Useless, Dent jusay, Callin on me, Diamond in da ruff
Worst song: Elevators (Which is still a good song, the entire album is that good)

[Image: ryaoENO.jpg]
4. DAMN.

kendrick really really came back from the stinker that was tpab on this album, instead of a self indulgent political rant of an album its something a lot more personal and tortured. Kendrick kinda uses some of these songs as his diary to express his troubles with God and how despite his faith hes been having a hard time not doubting God sometimes. This album, unlike everything else Kendrick has released, doesnt provide any answers to Kendricks struggles and difficulties. Instead its just tears on paper and you have to come to conclusions yourself.

Usually the album is best when Kendrick is creating a unique sound unlike his last three albums. I didnt really care for the "banger" songs because theyre mostly just a retreading of gkmc

Worst song: GOD.

[Image: NuNcS6a.jpg]
3. Big Fish Theory

What i love about this album is that it seems to go after everything Yeezus tried but miserably failed to achieve and it passes with flying colors. The garage, uk-type sound takes a lot after MAYA with serious heaviness and a real focus on swagger. Vince goes stupid fucking hard on some of the songs here, and even when he isnt hard he still holds your attention. I like it.

Obviously the best parts of the album is when Vince and his guests are going insane over the beats, but sometimes even the more subdued cuts are great too. I just wish Kilo Kish wasn't on half of the fucking album

Best songs: Big fish, Love can be, 745, Yeah Right, Homage, Samo, BagBak, Rain Come Down
Worst song: Alyssa interlude

[Image: nyg0FWx.jpg]
2. Narkopop

After 17 years of absence Gas basically had no choice but to come through with something amazing to match his last album, Pop. Considering i put this album at number 2 obviously he came through. The entirety of this album is sonic beauty, like looking at an amazing painting and absorbing it sloooooowly. The monotony of the songs with the dull, repetitive thuds in the background make the album really easy to get immersed in and basically perfect for studying or homework or whatever. As a whole the album is the perfect counterpart to the smooth and organic sound of Pop. Narkopop is a dark, brooding and depressed album that at times seems extremely anti-listener with the pure dread the album inflects on you, basically the opposite of everything Pop was

Some people complain that this project, after a 17 year break, sounds too much like the old Gas. The best songs on the album are when Gas takes a new approach that doesnt resemble his older work too much.

Best songs: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10
Worst song: 8

[Image: LnbzfbU.jpg]
1. social justice whatever

social justice whatever isnt just the best album of the year so far, itll probably be the best overall, and the best of the 2010s. Okay, thats a stretch but still its amazing, better than anything from 2016. This album basically turns internet culture into music and art. The album opens up with a mix of Gangnam Style, Friday and Never Gonna Give You up, and by the end it's sampling Fox news, N*SYNC and bill wurtz. Listening through the full 33 minutes is basically like a test of how much the album can blow your fucking mind by invoking insane nostalgia of 2007-2012 internet memes. I dont want to spoil every trick the album has up its sleeve, but it samples the fucking Shoes song and the Six flags guy. And those are probably the most expected memes in the album.

The album came with a music video for the entire thing, so its kinda like a visual album. The music video is kinda necessary for a first listen, because it contextualizes a lot of the memes and adds even more onto the pile. Its no fun to listen to 33 minutes of youtube poop without having a visual to think of or watch. The albums best moments are whenever it pulls out another ridiculous meme you havent thought of in years, which is nearly every song

Best songs: All of them
Worst song: None of them

Albums im anticipating to be fucking amazing
World Vision 2
Whatever Tyler is making
Whatever Earl is making
Whatever Cosmo Pyke is making
If MIA releases an album its bound to be GOAT
If Franks singles are leading up to an album then that
Dear Annie
Lust for Life (honestly its probably gonna suck)
Melanie Martinezs next album
Miley Cyrus' next album
who told you to think??!!?!?!?!
Beerbongs and Bentleys

thanks for reading everyone
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props for including Drum Chord Theory Clap3
A pretty solid list

I look forward to your inclusions at the end of the year Clap3
(07-02-2017, 10:01 AM)Hill Wrote: A pretty solid list

I look forward to your inclusions at the end of the year Clap3

thanks, im looking forward to them albums ESPEC World Vision 2 (seriously it might be my number 1 ;) ;) yfm) So yeah Thanks for the compliment Hill your my favorute
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Stan for Drunk. What a masterpiece Clap3
Ironically, it is often best for them to remain where they are comfortable – out of the spotlight – where the natural confidence prevalent in Architects as they work with the familiar can serve as its own beacon, attracting people, romantically or otherwise, of similar temperament and interests.
Interesting list. I still need to check out most of these!
Drunk and DAMN. truly are the AOTY preach
Hive Mind
(07-28-2017, 05:31 PM)Godspeed Wrote: Drunk and DAMN. truly are the AOTY preach

sjw prob gonna be my AOTY

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